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Welcome Mat

I was speaking to my mother earlier today about energy, connection, and how to be a tipping point for the good rather than the fearful. She asked me, "Where are you putting all this?"

"Well, into [insert name of plotline]..."

"No, no, not fiction. Where are you putting all this in the real world? Do you have a blog or something?"

And as that's about the third or fourth time I've been challenged to make a blog and fill it with actual thoughts (as opposed to reblogs, notes on upcoming projects, etc.), I figured it was about time.

So here we are in our shiny new space. As for sharing "all that" as mother put it? I have no idea where to begin. I find my fingers freeze when I try to ramble on any one subject. I think it's because like all things, I want to make even blog posts as perfect as possible. Posts should have links and cleverness and shout outs and theories and carefully thought out subject lines...

You can see why it's difficult to get started.

So how about we start elsewhere, like, say, with a current obsession? I've watched Hellier (hey, there's a link! We're closer now than ever before to blog perfection!) recently, beginning to end in a frenzy. It's a paranormal documentary that starts out as a hunt for goblins in Kentucky and explodes into a net of connections, synchronicities, and more questions. You can watch it on their website, on YouTube, or on Amazon Prime, and I highly recommend it for people interested in the weird and unusual and who need more esoteric reading for their To Be Read piles.

I like the show because the investigators seem to aim for being as rational and logical as possible when dealing with a wall of metaphysics that don't ascribe to much of anything rational or logical. I enjoyed it because I, too, have had a life full of synchronicities - you know, where you wake up thinking about the phrase, "Cerulean blue" and you hear the phrase in a song on the way to work and then in an overheard conversation by coworkers and then read it in a book. All in one day. Which leads you to doing a minor investigation into what that color means, its energy, chakra point, even the etymology of the word. All because it showed up, one day, and probably just means you're on the right path and don't necessarily need to learn everything about Cerulean blue and how long it's been a Crayola Crayon color, but hey, isn't it a sort of respect for a sign to investigate it? - and watching these guys follow the trails was oddly comforting and fascinating.

The thing I most love, though, is the underlying thought that all paranormal this-and-that, from aliens to bigfoot, to ancient mounds - is a by-product of ONE phenomenon that has many, many (possibly infinite) manifestations.

Because that, friends and neighbors, is a focus of many of my stories.

One hopes there will be a season three, but for now I have to settle with 15 episodes in two seasons. To be fair, it's going to take me a while to get through all the reading material introduced in the show, so at least I'll have that while I wait. :)

Watching: Hellier & Riverdale (don't judge me; mind numbing TV can be very soothing) with a slice of Gilmore Girls, Netflix movies, and Locke & Key.

Reading: The Institute by Stephen King, The Rebirth of Pan by Jim Brandon, Energy Healing by Dr. Ann Marie Chiasson, and that Robin Williams biography that I'll likely never finish because the ending still makes me sad.

Listening to: I'm sort of in a grungy-modern-rock phase. Suggestions welcome. And yes, I know there are 1001 podcasts out there that I should hear. Sigh. Going to have to take that plunge eventually.

Working on: Lessons in Living (yep. That.), Huge Novel Series Thing... to be discussed over on the Patreon with the patrons.

Until next time!


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